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Flexible Packaging Trends in 2021

Where is flexible packaging headed in 2021? A number of industry trends, challenges, and opportunities are driving continued innovation and adoption across numerous sectors.


Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword, but a critical goal and ambition for nearly every industry. In flexible packaging, it’s not enough to just reduce the amount of waste. It’s now imperative that the entire supply chain from film to pouch to end-of-life is a responsible, sustainable circular economy. Innovations in recyclable single-layer films, lamination processes that don’t use adhesives, and compostable materials are paving the way to achieving that sustainable goal. Plastics are now associated with a number of negative stereotypes, but progress is being made in flexible packaging that can help to reduce the environmental impact.

Conversion from Rigid to Flexible

Heavy, bulky rigid containers which take up so much space in transit, on the shelf, and in the landfill are increasingly being replaced by flexible packaging, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. Convenience and cost savings are benefits both for manufacturers and consumers, and as more brands adopt the flexible format it’s becoming more accepted as an appropriate packaging style for budget and premium products alike. Consumers also tend to identify brands using flexible packaging with being more sustainable and responsible, which boosts their appeal. As recyclable and compostable pouches become more viable, sustainability will be an even greater selling point.

2021 will see the ongoing advancement of flexible packaging adoption and the growth of recyclable and sustainable materials. How will your products stand out in the marketplace this year? To discuss your flexible packaging needs, give us a call or contact us!