Since its inception in 1992, Shako Flexipack Private Limited (Shakoflex) has been a leading innovator in the flexible packaging industry. Shakoflex has helped its customers offer freshness, tamper evident security and shelf-appeal to consumers worldwide.



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Jumbo 5 lit Stand up Pouch

Sustainable Jumbo Stand up Pouches a Game Changer for FMCG

Packaging is a key aspect of product development, however it is also important that the packaging design is cost effective and environmentally sustainable.

Flexible packaging is a prominent sector. We have managed to provide a sustainable alternative to rigid jerry cans and in doing so have set an example of a different way of looking at packaging. Food and non-food packaging company focused on more sustainable alternatives.

As a leading flexible packaging manufacturing company in India, Shakoflex has been constantly working on customer and market needs and have recently developed an alternative to rigid jerry can packaging used for institutional sales.

We have made a Jumbo 5 lit Stand up Pouch for Food and Non Food applications which offer better shelf life , more environmental friendly due to lesser weight and cost effective.

Jumbo 5 lit Stand up Pouch
5L Stand up Pouches

Our 5L Stand up Pouches are a revolutionary solution to the perennial problem of jerry can packaging and unhygienic handling of liquids.

Our first customer for this was from Zambia who picked up this idea and has launched 5lit Ketchup in our pouches. Shakoflex continues its focus on liquid packaging and is committed towards sustainable alternatives.

A combination of factors, including rising oil prices, rapid growth in emerging markets, increased consumer demand for packaged products, and a growing level of international governmental regulations, has led to more emphasis on packaging design today than ever before. It is becoming increasingly important to offer consumer goods in a variety of packaging materials. More sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

 With the right development, techniques, designs and know how can be possible to develop better stand up pouches for liquid products suitable per customer requirements.