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The COVID-19 Impact On The Flexible Packaging Industry

The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic has affected the daily lives of millions of people and put a severe strain on our healthcare system. As a result of this, the need for flexible packaging is increasing at a rapid rate. Industry experts expect to see a substantial growth in demand for these products in the foreseeable future.

Market research believes that demand for flexible consumer packaging in the U.S. will spike up to 10% in 2021, as compared to 3% last year. Europe is also seeing a resurgence in demand, with increases expected to be 5% or more. This is a sizeable boost, as product demand in Europe was under 2% last year.

The desire to preserve the planet and our environment isn’t limited to just what foods we enjoy and the consumer products we purchase. Pet owners are increasingly concerned about the diets they’re providing to their pets and even the packaging that contains these foods and treats. But beyond even these concerns, there are other sustainability considerations near the hearts of pet parents, including animal and human rights, and environmental and ingredient safety, that will have an impact on generations to come.

  • Appeal to Pet Owners by Promoting Animal Welfare on Packaging
  • Packaging Recycling Challenges
  • Addressing Human Rights Throughout the Supply Chain
  • Ingredient Traceability